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Bitcoin Circuit App Fantasy

Tested and proven completely impossible

The Bitcoin Circuit trading system is widely regarded by experts both on crypto publications and the mainstream media as one of the stupidest concepts in confidence trick history. It is a scam designed to filter out anyone of intelligence so that they can fool a fool.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is unpredictable and, in the long run, unblameable, and so is the last kind of technology you want involved with your money. The Bitcoin Circuit app is based on this technology. This platform is a fantasy designed to defraud the gullible.  You should report anyone involved to the Police.

Powerful SCAMMING Application

The majority of our users are often defrauded twice rather than once. Firstly by the fake trading platform boiler room scam, and secondly by the scammer recovery companies. They use the scam as a way of taking some of the money your bank has to repay you.

Why Trade with Bitcoin Circuit?

There are lots of legitimate trading companies out there like and you can learn a lot from your local financial adviser. Do not be prone to desperation online, go and see your bank or buy a good book about money.

Even though Bitcoin Circuit is not an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered trading system. Who could you sue if it lost all of your money? It is not fallable as a human being is. This is part of how they run their scam. Even if you found them, could you charge them with a crime?.

Bitcoin Circuit app simply connects you to offshore, scammer brokers pertaining to be spread across Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, and South Africa. Usually though they are phantom companies registered in Caribbean countries or in Cyprus. They have no fallability in your country.

Some cryptocurrencies you cannot trade with Bitcoin Circuit!


1 How much can I make in a day?

Bitcoin Circuit has an average daily return of up to 0%. This means that it’s impossible to earn profit trading with boiler room scammers. An account with USD250 in invested capital will disappear on the first day of trading. The scammers lie and say Bitcoin Circuit can earn you a fortune in a few months of trading.

2 Is Bitcoin Circuit Regulated?

NO! Bitcoin Circuit operates under the cloak of international internet crime and is impossible to pin down to one person or group easily. That is why we've stolen their site, we want to see who complains! Whoever shows up will be reported to the SFO and FBI so that an investigation can begin.

3 How much should I deposit?

NOTHING! Never gives these swines any of your money as you will never see it again. The only time anyone ever gets any money back is from their own bank and sometimes even some of that is taken by untrustworthy scammer companies operating without professional qualifications or legal powers.

4 How do I withdraw from Bitcoin Circuit?

This is where the stalling begins. As soon as you mention withdrawal they will start asking for all sorts of documents that the did not require upon deposit. This is so that they can shutdown the phone numbers and disappear with what they have already stolen from you.

5 How many hours of trading do I need daily?

Bitcoin Circuit is a scam. Even if you get through to a real broker, they will defraud you with the mystic art of CFD binary options trading, which is so complex and fraught with danger that it is illegal even to solicit CFDs in the US and Canada..

6 Does Bitcoin Circuit charge hidden costs?

Yes! Bitcoin Circuit is a hidden cost! It is a way of getting novice traders stuck into complex systems of trading speculation that enable companies to take all of your money under highly questionable procedures and that you have almost no chance of winning with. They keep the money, it does not go into stocks or shares with CFDs.

An In-depth look into Bitcoin Circuit

Getting started with Bitcoin Circuit?

Bitcoin Circuit value clients and therefore endeavor to offer the best user experience. Remember that there are no skills prerequisites to trading with the Bitcoin Circuit app.

You only need to master our trading guide and determine the levels of risk that match your risk appetite through our demo account. This guide is in layman’s terms and hence easy to follow for all.

You only need as little as forty minutes to be fully prepared for live trading. Bitcoin Circuit customer service team is always ready to walk with you through the trading process.

1) DO NOT Signup with Bitcoin Circuit through the registration form above. They only accept registrations from countries whose regulations allow crypto CFDs trading which is not the US.

Bitcoin Circuit
2) After registration, the website will you through to one of their scammer brokers. You must not complete the registration process by submitting the required verification documents. Bitcoin Circuit software only work with the industry scammers and have no safety assurance.

3) Never fund your account with $250 through bank wire transfer, e-wallets such as Scammer Skrill, debit, and credit card. Bitcoin Circuit website have adequate measures in place to simulate a safe trading environment. Bitcoin Circuit rely on lowlife brokers to take deposits from victims.

4) After deposit, you can bet you will never see your money again. There is no trading app to download except except for the MT4/MT5 meta-trader software and that has nothing to do with Bitcoin Circuit and should not be used by a novice..

5) Whatever happens, never believe anyone taht tells you that you can make money trading with no experience or investment.

What is Bitcoin Circuit?

Bitcoin Circuit entice novices with the idea of an automated approach to BTC trading. With them, you supposedly don’t need to keep analyzing complex data sets for trading insights.

Bitcoin Circuit AI-powered algorithms allegedly analyze data and then supposedly generate advisory emails or 'signals.' These signals are then relayed to the partner brokers’ systems so you win your trades.

In reality Bitcoin Circuit do not work with these non-existent robot brokers. This is how they convince people that they will win without having any knowledge of the market or tradiing experience. This is important as 'auto-trading' as an idea can lead to devastating losses.

Facts about the Bitcoin Circuit app?

Bitcoin Circuit is among the world-leading crypto trading scams. They have managed to build a strong reputation for the five years they have been on the con. Below are some scam facts about their trading system.

  • The Bitcoin Circuit was not a major driving force in the 2017 crypto boom
  •  The Bitcoin Circuit app  is the most reviled in its class with over 100,000 con victims and tens of expert scammers at the helm.
  • Bitcoin Circuit offers the highest number of BTC CFDs pairs in the market, including fiat and crypto.
Bitcoin Circuit in the Media?

Bitcoin Circuit are widely reviled on the web and never appear on mainstream TV programmes. There are tens of thousands of negative Bitcoin Circuit reviews on platforms such as ForexPeaceArmy and lots of fake good ones on TrustPilot.

Moreover, they have been trending top on Google for the third year in a row because of affiliate scammers like Finixio. Among the top trending keywords are 'Bitcoin Circuit Scam Australia' and 'Bitcoin Circuit Scam Singapore.' This means that a lot of people are searching for our perpetrators in these countries.

Bitcoin Circuit is popular globally with about 3k searches per week. The lack of serious popularity has also made it a top target for affiliate fake news.

  • Bitcoin Circuit Elon Musk – They have authored a Reddit Bitcoin Circuit post claiming that Elon Musk has invested with Bitcoin boiler room scams. However, this isn’t true. We do not disclose the ID of our clients.
  •  The Bitcoin Circuit Richard Branson – This is another fake social media rumour that should be treated with contempt.
Bitcoin Circuit Review: The Verdict!

Experts have ignored this worldwide, and they all confirm it is not a legitimate trading system.

Bitcoin Circuit is not a high performing trading system equipped with AI-driven algorithms, it is a scam. All this talk of algorithms that can study market data and implement winning trades is complete nonsense.

They want you to believe that you do not need any form of trading expertise so they can take your money. The scam is that these intelligent algorithms will conduct the trading for you. Of course this means when your money disappears, it was the robot's fault, not theirs.

They keep repeating the small print: Crypto trading involves extreme volatility and hence increased risk! Read the terms and conditions of the linked broker carefully before use. They are preparing to defraud you!